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Game NFTs


Angel, one of the support characters of the BRNVERSE game, is the representative of goodness, purity, and beauty. The Angel character, who has the ability to heal himself and his teammates, is a friend that everyone wants to be around sometimes. Sometimes he is an angel of death who spreads fear with his magical wand.


Axer, one of the tank characters in the BRNVERSE game, is a fighter who lost an arm in the past and turned this weakness into an advantage. He has become stronger than before by using a state-of-the-art robotic arm instead of the one he lost. The Axer character is also an expert with an axe, and is always a significant threat to his opponents.


Barbarossa, one of the tank characters in the BRNVERSE game, is an experienced pirate who has participated in numerous wars in the past. Barbarossa, the ruler of the seas, throws his magical anchor not only into the sea but also at his enemies. Barbarossa lost an arm and a leg in the past but has renewed his lost limbs with mechanical inventories.


Barton is one of the warrior characters in the BRNVERSE game. He is a noble and honorable warrior from a royal family, born to fight. Despite being blind, he is a perfect fighter who fights with his feelings.


Elf, one of the marksman characters in the game BRNVERSE, is a warrior who comes from a noble race and has unique bow and arrow skills. The Elf character, the only warrior left of their race, represents their race with their superior fighting ability. With their magical arrows, unique aiming ability, and powerful field damage, they provide their opponents with a versa


Harley is one of the warrior characters in the BRNVERSE game. As a knight, he is an expert in both perfect attack and perfect defense. Raised as a warrior since childhood, Harley is a balanced royal warrior who specializes in using spears and shields.


Metabot, one of the wizard characters of the BRNVERSE game, is a warrior who is completely mechanical and has technologies beyond his era. In addition to his warrior identity, he has the ability of mechanical magic. He has become a unique synthesis of magic with nanotechnology. One of the sources of this magical ability is the unique mechanical weapon he uses.


Metawatt, one of the marksman characters in the BRNVERSE game, is a fighter with state-of-the-art mechanical arms and a semi-robotic body. Thanks to the cores in its body, it converts into an unlimited energy source. The Metawatt character has become a unique warrior by sending electric waves to its opponents with its robotic arms


Ninja, one of the assassin characters in the BRNVERSE game, is a mysterious assassin. What makes him better than other ninjas is that he has four arms and four daggers. Although he has been an agent for many sects in the past, he has put aside his past and started to fight for himself. The ninja character is now more dangerous than he was in the past.


Reef, one of the support characters in the BRNVERSE game, is the most dangerous warrior of an ancient royal family deep in the sea. After his royalty was destroyed, Reef came to the surface and now uses his warrior identity on land. Thanks to the magical sword he wields, he is an expert in water control and healing


Router is one of the assassin characters in the BRNVERSE game. He is a unique-looking assassin who has mechanically improved himself. He is a mysterious agent who can slyly and quickly defeat his opponents with mechanical chains on his wrist. He is a much more agile, agile, and dangerous killing machine compared to his competitors.


Witch is one of the wizard characters in the BRNVERSE game, and she is known for her cunning and deceitful nature. Raised by her mother as a wizard, Witch is an expert in mystical spells and mass control. Her specially produced wand is a major source of her mystical magic power.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is BRN NFT Marketplace?

BRN NFT Marketplace is a platform that allows users to buy, sell, and create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Reef networks. It is built using WEB 3.0 technology, providing a more secure and efficient experience for users.

How do I buy NFTs on BRN NFT Marketplace?

To buy NFTs on BRN NFT Marketplace, you will need to hold BRN Tokens in your decentralized wallet on the Binance Smart Chain network. Once you have BRN Tokens, you can enter the marketplace and buy NFTs sold with BRN Tokens with very low commissions.

How do I create NFTs on BRN NFT Marketplace?

Creating NFTs on BRN NFT Marketplace is easy. Simply upload your unique digital asset, categorize it, and put it up for sale on the "Create NFT" section

What is GameNFT?

GameNFTs are a type of NFT that can be used within a game and add various features to the user. They can be bought and sold like normal NFTs, but provide a more interactive experience for players

What are the benefits of GameNFTs on BRN NFT Marketplace?

GameNFTs on BRN NFT Marketplace are limited in number and provide various features to users in the BRNVERSE game. The specific features of the produced GameNFTs are listed in the detail section of each NFT. By purchasing GameNFTs on BRN NFT Marketplace, users can gain a competitive advantage and additional income against their opponents in the BRNVERSE game

How can I buy BRN Tokens?

BRN Tokens are currently available for trading on Mexc, Bibox, Bitmart, XT, Latoken, and PancakeSwap exchanges. You can register for any of these exchanges and buy BRN Tokens